Wingtech, Huaqin and Longcheer. With a high probability, your smartphone was developed by specialists of one of these companies

Counterpoint Research specialists summed up the results of last year in the smartphone market in a somewhat unusual context. They determined the contribution of companies developing these devices on a contract basis. The fact is that even such companies as Samsung, OPPO, Realme and Xiaomi themselves do not design and manufacture all of their smartphones themselves. In 2019, the share of outsourcing in the development and production of smartphones in the world market amounted to 27%.
There are two options for outsourcing. Companies of the ODM category (Original Design Manufacturer) design devices according to technical specifications and are engaged in production. Independent Design Houses (IDH) companies are engaged only in design. Last year, the smartphone market shrank by 2%, while the share of devices created by ODM and IDH grew by 4%. In other words, brands are more likely to outsource, focusing on sales. Wingtech, Huaqin, and Longcheer stand out among the ODM and IDH smartphones in the smartphone market. Their total share is 68%. The distribution of the ODM and IDH markets is graphically illustrated.

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