Xbox Series X vs. Xbox One X and Gaming PC in Gears 5. New console shows GeForce RTX 2080 level

The release of new game consoles is still far enough away, but we will gradually learn more about them. So far, unfortunately, it’s mainly about the Xbox Series X. For example, in the video below you can see a detailed comparison of the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X in the game Gears 5. In this case, the difference in drive speed is clearly visible, which manifests itself in boot time . But in the game itself, you have to look for differences under a magnifying glass, and often very diligently. But this is a problem not of a new console, but of a game – it came out a long time ago, and was originally developed for the current generation of Microsoft consoles, so there is no margin for a new console in terms of graphics.
It is also interesting to compare the Xbox Series X with a gaming PC equipped with a 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X processor and a GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. Such a configuration in 4K resolution demonstrates about the same level of performance as the new game console. However, it is worth noting that a technical demo was launched on the console, which was worked on for only two weeks. That is, in the end, the console should show even more impressive results.

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