Xiaomi came up with a new generation of camera-changer

Xiaomi has patented another smartphone with a bending screen, the main feature of which is that its image sensors can be used for the main and front cameras. Unusual smartphones with a reversing camera, for example, Samsung Galaxy A80 and Asus ZenFone 6, which was released in May last year. However, in the case of these smartphones, only the camera modules themselves are rotary, while the screens are unbending. The new Xiaomi smartphone took this idea as a basis, but in this case, the entire upper part of the display, where the embedded camera system is located, is rotated.
1 2 When unfolded, the cameras are designed for selfies, when folded, the smartphone becomes a little more compact, and its image sensors are used as the main camera. The solution seems rather controversial, so it’s not at all a fact Xiaomi will launch a similar smartphone in mass production. However, the manufacturer does not hesitate to show working prototypes of its innovative smartphones, so perhaps we will see a presentation of the device in the foreseeable future. In addition, Xiaomi has patented a new folding smartphone, which is the first on the market to have a retractable camera.

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