Xiaomi did not pull the development of branded single-chip systems

Sources from China report that Xiaomi has abandoned the idea of creating a whole line of single-chip systems for its smartphones. In 2017, Xiaomi introduced the single-chip Surge S1 system, which debuted in the low-cost Xiaomi Mi 5C smartphone. Then the manufacturer set about creating the Surge S2, but unexpected problems arose during the development process. At the beginning of 2019, Xiaomi’s new product director, Wang Teng Thomas, confirmed that the company continues to develop Surge S2. Now, if you believe the sources, this direction is closed. The representatives of the supply chain report that Xiaomi will continue to develop only simple chips that will not be as complicated and expensive as full-fledged mobile single-chip systems.
The source adds that Xiaomi is always looking for the optimal balance between the appropriateness of developing a competitive product and financial profit. Therefore, the company is trying to avoid long-term research and development costs by ordering sophisticated, proven solutions from Qualcomm. Over the past couple of years, Xiaomi has invested heavily in a number of companies that manufacture microcircuits. Just last week, she acquired a stake in Hypower Electronics, which manufactures chips with fast-charging technology. Earlier this year, Xiaomi made strategic investments in Verisilicon and other chip companies, and over the past few months, Xiaomi has not made any official announcement about the development of Surge chips.

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