Xiaomi has released two more gadgets for health monitoring and disinfection

Against the background of the global situation with the outbreak of coronavirus, we are often reminded of useful gadgets for monitoring health or disinfection. Xiaomi is actively releasing such devices. This time, the Chinese manufacturer has released a LED portable ultraviolet lamp for disinfection and an electronic thermometer MiaoMiaoCe.
Let’s start with a convenient portable UV lamp for disinfection, which can be an alternative tool to fight all bacteria and ticks. The ultraviolet sterilization method kills 99.9% of such germs. The device really turned out to be very small, its dimensions are only 18 x 10 x 119 mm, it is charged via the USB connector. At the moment, it can be purchased for 19.99 euros.
In addition, an Xiaomi MiaoMiaoCe electronic thermometer appeared on sale with an 18.8 mm LCD screen and a temperature measurement error of ± 0.1 degrees. Temperature is measured through the mouth or through the skin, and the measurement is very fast. When the device has detected the temperature, a beep sounds. The thermometer is waterproof; it is powered by a CRE1220 power source with a capacity of 80 mAh. The device is offered for 6.39 euros.

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