Xiaomi Mi 6 Classic Edition on the way. Xiaomi will release an updated version of the flagship 2017

Today, the head of Xiaomi’s public relations department bluntly stated that the company is preparing to release a re-release of the Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone, which was the flagship of the manufacturer in 2017.
Imagine that we will release a re-release of Xiaomi Mi 6. Save the shape and size, add a camera embedded in the screen, the Snapdragon 7 or 8 series platform, save NFC … Would you buy such a smartphone? Xiaomi.
Typically, the company conducts such surveys when the relevant decision has already been made, and the polls only allow to warm up public interest before the announcement.
Users took the information wildly, some advocate using only the flagship platform, others say that the cutouts and openings on the screen are not very beautiful. A well-known insider of Digital Chat Station confirmed that Xiaomi already has a prototype of a small smartphone, which is currently is at the stage of technical verification. Presumably, the smartphone will be released under the name Xiaomi Mi 6 Classic Edition. It remains to wait for the official announcement.

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