Xiaomi will release bug-free Android 10 for Mi A2 Lite before the end of the month

While Xiaomi, as a rule, does not have problems with the MIUI update for most of its smartphones, then everything doesn’t get stuck with models on the Android One platform: Android 10 for Mi A3 came out so buggy that almost on the day of its release, it spread through the air discontinued. The same thing is happening now with the Mi A2 Lite.
Android 10 update for this model was released about 10 days ago, and since then, the users who installed it began to experience different problems: some complain of problems with the screen, others with the battery. And the third ones got a brick instead of a working device.
I understand all the user pain in the company – an official statement has even appeared on the Web that says that the distribution of the buggy update is stopped. Deprived of all (or at least currently known) problems, Android 10 for Mi A2 Lite will be released “will be released in March.” That is, Xiaomi still has time until the end of the month.

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